Working With the Artist

     Don't be shy.  If you have specific wishes or thoughts about how your art should look, relay those thoughts to the artist as well as you can.  The more clearly the artist can 'see' your wishes the more clearly he or she can depict them.


     Artist that draw and paint generally begin with a flat surface and create an image that tells a story with only static figures.  Some features within the observed subject may be enhanced or deminished to create the desired 'story.


     All artist hope that their works will draw a positive emotion from the viewer but each viewer has his or her own history.  When creating a work of art for a specific observer, every artist I know will strive to please and communication is the key.  If an artist creates a portrait of your halter horse, he or she will hope you sence some of the emotion you feel when the two of you enter the ring, but the artist hasn't felt the same emotion.  We have different skills.  There is no need to speak "artist-ese". Just talk about what you'd like to see and feel when looking at the art.  That is really what good art is all about anyway.