The Creative Process

     The creative process begins with your idea.  If you have imagined an art creation or looked at a photo and thought to yourself, "wouldn't that make a great art work," the process has begun.  A single art creation can be produced from one or several photos.  Respecting your imagination and transfering your ideas to the artist are the first steps.

     The photos do not have to be 'professional' but should be clear enough to depict facial features or important details.  Separate, more detailed photos, can be supplied when necessary.  


     Required information:  Good contact information, e-mail, phone#, delivery address (our prefered delivery method for works on paper is priority U.S. Postal Service.  All deliveries are signature required (no deserted porch delivery)


     Image Size.  Look at other art images and decide what size you would like your art to be.  Measure the actual image top to bottom and side to side.  Not the matting or frame.


     Image Orientation.  Landscape (horizontal), or portrait (vertical).


     Delivery Date.  I currently prefer a one month lead time for delivery.  Christmas season delivery may require a longer lead time.


     Photographs capture beautiful moments and stimulate wonderful memories.  Displayed works of art HONOR the moments and the memories.