Products & Services is devoted to offering potential customers information on how they may have their personalized idea for a creative item of artwork come to fruition.


     I create artwork as drawings in pencil/graphite on paper .  I incorporate your imagination ('minds eye'), photos and images with my skills to arrive at a totally unique work of art.  I use only quality materials and delivery is safe and secure (signature required).


     Each personalized, custom-ordered, designer-quality artwork is created by my hand  using photos, images and ideas you provide. Computer assisted imaging is never a part of the process.  Photos and memories are a blessing.  Combining them as art creates a narative of love that lasts for generations.


     Fine, graphite art works that fit a 16" x 20" surface begin at $450. 



    Another style of art I enjoy creating is entertaining and memorable caricatures from provided photos.  The caricatures may be in black on white or fully rendered in color on white paper.  The cartoon features of the subject's face (head) are most often enhanced with a pleasing smile and the likeness can be surprising for a cartoon.  The Caricature may be either of the head and shoulders or may include a cartoon body and background representing almost any activity.  My drawings are generally produced to fit a 16' x 20" frame unless slightly larger or smaller is desired.


     Caricatures are often requested for special occasions such as graduations, retirements, anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, special memories and even 'pay-backs' as a friendly tease.   Up to three people may be included in a single caricature drawing which is priced at $60, continental U.S. delivery included.  For drawings with more than three people, add $15 for each additional person.  Separate supplied photos for each person rendered works well.  You provide the photos of the person(s) to be drawn and any ideas to enhance the caricature and the project is under-way.  E-mailed images often are sufficient.


    There are many professional caricaturist on the web.  I do it the 'old fashion' way. No computer imaging or photoshop.  Each caricature is hand drawn creating a totally unique, original work of art.  I also offer written permission to make copies for personal or business use.   If Shipping is required, a $5.oo shipping fee is add to the order.


     If you have an idea or questions, please contact me though this web site and future communications will be direct e-mail or by phone.