Our History

     AncestryPhotos2art.com is an element of Kelly Killough Studios.  Kelly Killough became a full time artist in 1974 after brief service in the U. S. military.  Unable to find a quality job that pleased him, he began offering his art at feativals and fairs to 'make ends meet.'  The skills acquired in developing a career in art can be applied to any subject material and Kelly has derived a great deal of pleasure in the variety in his works.


     Kelly spent his schooling years, through college,  in the plains states but has lived as an adult in California, New England, Texas and Oklahoma and has marveled at every segment of America. 


     Early in his fine art career, Kelly also began doing the quick sketch style of art known as caricature.  In the 1970's caricature artists were found primarily in New Orleans, San Francisco, New York City and an occassional college campus.  During the early stages of developing his caricature style he was mentored by Frank 'Pancho' Wilmouth, the original artist for the caricatures at the famed Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles.


     The merging of fine art and the entertaining and memory creating art of caricature opened a wide variety of venues for Kelly's enduring art career.


     Kelly Killough Studios (also my facebook page) is currently based in Oklahoma where Kelly and his support team, wife and daughter, continue the four decade career that began as a way to 'make ends meet.'