Your  Idea  +  My  Hand  =  Art  to  Cherish
 presents the art of Kelly Killough.  Beginning in 1974 he became a self-employed, full-time artist.  He has displayed and sold his art in Canada, Europe and many of America's states.  This site is dedicated to the notion that almost everyone has an idea for drawings or paintings they would like to own and that, possibly, Kelly Killough could be the one to create them.  "Your idea - My hand."

      Working from photos and images you provide and the ideas you express, drawings or paintings can be created of almost any subject.  Horses, dogs, cats, pets, cowboy scenes and wildlife are frequent subjects, but, Kelly has filled a variety of requests.  A recent graphite drawing was of a Grandfather working his horse drawn, John Deere, seed planter.  He also has depicted an image from a cherished photo of a three year old daughter wearing her night-gown and Winnie-the-Pooh slippers.  Currently in the line-up is a large oil painting of a patron's farm at sunset.  Almost any subject can become a work of art.  If an imagined image can be depicted in two dimensions, It could become art you would cherish.